December 17, 2008

Love hurts

I remember who said it first, the words "I love you". It was him. In a text message- but there it was, loud and clear. Not many people have said those words and meant what they've said. But this one was different. He said it first. The words were staring at me and I was staring at them, but they were there, they did not disappear and to this day, I still have the message in my phone. These days, we say it, text it, e-mail it. The love has grown into something beautiful and extraordinary- no love like this exists anywhere except between us.
One could say I am lucky to have experienced this kind of love. Some people may never experience love. But.. once you have felt love like this in your heart, it is so so so awful to give it up. You want to keep it in your heart forever, no matter what happens. Life's challenges and disappointments, finding out things from the past, fearing the future, living together, loving like there is no tomorrow. Can the love last?
Love brings a smile onto my face, makes me feel safe and happy and radiant, all at the same time. I like this feeling- just living for today, being in love today, being happy today.

Does love hurt...? Maybe, if it becomes an obsession, or it is taken away from you. Or if it somehow ends. But like in all fairytales, love doesn't end and everyone lives happily ever after.

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