August 08, 2008

Work is the worst

Can't stand this. Work is shit, especially today. Most often I am grateful I have work, I am employed by someone, work gives my days structure and an opportunity for socializing. Work is usually ok. No brilliant, not highlight of my day, but bearable. Today wasn't so. In fact last two days have been frustrating and there are few people getting on my nerves, seriously.
Example: take a sucessful lawyer, who has been in the same job for years and years. Or a cook, who has been preparing the same pork chops and mashed potatoes and chocolate mousse for years and years. Then go to them and start telling them how to do there job. Don't put salt in there, not that much. Don't burn the food. Don't do this, don't do that, now you've spoiled the whole dish by adding too much butter into the mashed potatoes.
Don't put too much sugar into mousse. Don't serve it like that, what are you thinking, who'd wanna touch that now..?!?
What would the cook say? F.. off, leave me in peace and don't tell me what to do.
Lawyer? Don't present the case like that of this criminal will never be sentenced? Overruled. The jury will never believe you and your closing argument, this creep will walk free ... What did ya just do, asked all the wrong questions? You didn't prepare well for this case. You lost, loser!!!

In my job- I thought I was quite capable, quite skilled, even talented, but it seems IMPOSSIBLE to be talented or use your skills in nursing. No other profession treats one another like this. I feel like a loser today, feel like a newly graduated totally junior inexperienced novice- can't even push the patient's bed into the right position, can't feed a patient in a right way, can't draw up drugs. Can't, don't, won't, shouldn't, wouldn't. What a load of crap.

Here today, gone tomorrow.
One day I work in my own area, my own little kingdom and feel like king of a castle. Another day I am being thrown into a new unit, where my skills and qualifications don't mean shit to anyone. This is so tiring, so irritating. And I do feel abused too, good enough for pushing beds around (yeah that is when I can do it in a CORRECT way), turning patients, fetching this and that and whatever. Yeah whatever, I don't give a shit either. I care about my patients, they are not to be blamed, but good old colleagues- this happens all over the world- is it jealousy, do they think of me a threat..? Do they really this I am useless, good enough to be abused, disliked?
Not everyone is the same, there are some with a good heart.. but those bad ones give this profession a real bad name and I hate days like this.


Sous said...

=/ I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time at work. Inshallah it will be better tomorrow. Kick their butts!

SatAtmaKaur said...

It doesn't seem to get any better, perhaps my attitude is the one to blame- but really, nursing is like this in every place I have been working in. 15 years in this job, I have had enough.
Too many bosses, bullies, not enough employees.
And if you ask for someone to help with your patients, they see it as weakness. Most often, you are left alone to deal with your patients, no one comes forward and volunteers to help, but those "non-helpers" expect me to come and help. No chance. I've just been a bit too kind, trying to help but there aren't many who genuinely appreciate it.