August 23, 2009

Emergency Wars Part 1

Not mafia, vampire or dragon wars. Not star wars either.
Here's the scenario: two people, one of them a mafia wars hero on level 343. The other one, possibly an ordinary warrior, who is about to lose the fight, because the mafia hero has brought with her a powerful army of weapons, soldiers, armor, vehicles- just like in the very real mafia wars in facebook: machine guns, rifles, cannons, flak jackets. Excellent results, proven results in everyday mafia fights.
The ordinary warrior alone against "El Capitan" will certainly lose, El Capitan with or without her army.

Only this time it is a verbal attack, even though El Capitan feels like few muskets and body armor would not go to waste in this case. Verbal attacks becomes unbearably violent, words and sentences flying across the room, and it is clear none of the fighters are ready to lose. You ain't got the last word here. The warrior thinks she has won, but no, it is too early to come into any conclusions. El Capitan has the right words in her head, she writes them down and deciphers an accusatory note, defending herself and her invisible army, tells it like it is, there are no innocent parties in this war. The war is not over yet, El Capitan knows it, the Warrior knows it too.
Words are powerful, they can cut the heart open, they can heal, they can cure, they can be formed into mightiest insult. At times one may be a master of words, at another time it is a real challenge to find the right words. Sometimes thoughts form into words and without thinking, they just slip out and there is no way of taking them back.

El Capitan may still win, but 50-50 result would not be too bad either, not in this case.
A lot is at stake here. Whole life, house, job, fiancee, travel, pets. Win or lose that is the question.

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