November 26, 2009

" I want your love and I want your revenge You and me could write a bad romance "

What a weird song, this "Bad Romance", but as soon as I heard it on TV, I thought it may well work. Not that I am caught in a bad romance. I am not caught at all, but I may end up buying Lady Gaga's album, no matter how hard I try resisting.

People, who spread nasty untrue rumors of others, should be banned from existing. There are few not so kind hearted people at work, who love nothing more than rumors, gossip and spreading lies all over the place. How does it really truly feel when one knows what they talk about is not true? What does this person gain? Higher status? Nooo way, not in my eyes. So Miss PB, don't talk about stuff you couldn't possibly understand. By gossiping, you turn into a smaller than an ant, worthless piece of artwork, in my eyes.
While talking about colleagues, who consider themselves higher than God, we could name and shame them, but we won't because it would be lowering ourselves to a "smaller than an ant" - level. A humorous description of few may suffice: there is one, who I call a "lawnmower".She always manages to bump onto another person, and I am definitely NOT invisible, and I am not the only one.. There are others, who this person has mistaken for grass. Hey, there's long green grass in the horizon, let's bring the "lawnmower" in! It's me first, just me and my simple lawnmower-style world.
She's definitely a weirdo. Never ceases to amaze me how she can totally ignore another person's presence, that is when she does not need anything from you. When she does, she can be cunning and convincing and loving and the sweetest little Easter bunny all at the same time. Yuck, I say!

Trans-Siberian railway: it is a fascinating idea, kind of an adventure that I'd like to experience. Train journeys are exciting. I've traveled through France, from England to Scotland, by Eurostar- traveling through Russia all the way to Beijing would be a dream come true.

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