September 10, 2010

Unfit and short of breath

Those who have experienced frequent fluctuations in their weight, know this: one day your weight is within "normal" limits, you feel fit and energetic, just to "wake up" one day to realize things have gone into opposite direction. Fit, but fat. High BMI. Obese, overweight.. yeah something like that. Not everyone is blessed with ultraspeedy metabolic rate. It's much easier to walk amongst the crowd, unnoticed for months and even years, pop into coffee shop, enjoy the latte and croissant.. until one day clothes do not fit. Image in the mirror looks.. ok. Off to the shops and buy something bigger to wear. Stretchy clothes are the best, they cover multitude of sins. At the same time no one including me notices the gain of extra pounds.
Weighing scale, an enemy shows a reading that simply must be wrong.

Yes, I am obese, near the crossroads of being "just" overweight, but let's face it, BMI of 30.5 is classified as obese. I did not think anything of it, because I could still wear size 12-14 clothes. They still looked pretty good on me, not the most comfortable and best fit, but still they fit.
Having been denied bariatric surgery (as I am not morbidly obese, neither am I diabetic or have any other debilitating condition), I realized I've got to do it on my own.
Not totally alone, of course. There are gyms, personal trainers, walking and running tracks etc, yoga classes.

First step cutting back all unnecessary stuff such as pastries, cookies, Pepsi, candies. It is still soooo hard to pass by the cookie shelf at the supermarket. Cheesecakes, fresh white bread, chocolate chip cookies.
Second step: remember the 12 step program for AA. Yes, it might be the best decision to cut it all out, no cookies. One small single cookie may be the beginning of snowball effect and eating habits become erratic again.
My new job gives me regular hours, an opportunity to exercise, eat sensibly. Insomnia is non-existent, I sleep better and can survive well with just 6 hours of sleep as opposed to 12 hours before.
Of course healthy eating and exercise contribute to good night's sleep too.

Off Pepsi for weeks now and soon after that my life became much better; good quality sleep. Brighter skin (thanks to glycolic peels too). More energy.

I'm not saying this is going to be easy as it was much easier to eat eat and eat.
I've got to fill the empty spaces that food left in my life with something else. I am an unfit fat yoga teacher, but it's not too late.

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