November 29, 2011

Ungrateful .....

Offer to help someone, at home, work, public transport, pretty much anywhere. Most of the time I'd like to think person who steps up to help receives some sort of thank you. Verbal is just fine, smile goes a long way too; no need for chocolates and flowers, even though they are nice too :-)
But then, when you try your best, and when that simple thank you would have been all that's required, all you receive instead is an angry verbal outburst and truckloads of accusations and questions, selfless act of offering help does not feel such a great idea anymore.
So jeez thanks to yet another jerk in my life, I began wondering Why Oh Why was I so desperate to get myself into this mess. Nothing is ever very straightforward with this person. Should have known.
It is raining and it is cold. I sure hope that this ungrateful b....c realizes she could easily be left out in the cold very much alone. No offers of assistance are expected nor offered in the very near future.

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