October 25, 2007


Not much good luck recently with the car. First the brakes failed, then the tire exploded and I was forced to desert the car at the parking. Then one look in the daylight, and I realized the left side back tire had blown. Has it damaged the wheel too..? After all I was driving for another 2-3 miles AFTER the tire had exploded. All the rest of the tires will no doubt follow the lead and the car is a goner. That's what happens I guess when one buys second hand car without having it checked first. My first thought was something's not right because the car had felt shaky for a week, but I kept driving. Of course I had a "look" but saw nothing wrong with the tires. They were old, that's all. Not having a car makes life more challenging and isolated, as there is no public transport here where I live and you depend on arranging own transport. My bike too needs repair- I can recall the days when I was driving a cornflower blue Brompton folding bike in London. The tires occasionally needed more air, otherwise it was a perfect little creature. I bought new $90 bike, which then began falling apart. Tires one by one, gears etc.. What about bike and car maintenance..? Yes, all the vehicles in my life have had regular maintenance, but shit happens and they break down.
Ah what a life.
Flying high, flying low, painting pictures, listening to VH1, dancing, watching CSI NY, shopping, traveling, sightseeing. Part of growing up, learning?
I certainly learn more about cars- next step changing the tire..? Then junking the car, then off to Toyota dealer to find out what they have on offer. Toyota Avalon would be a favorite, as well as my all time love Lexus :) but may have to settle for the "cheapest".

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