April 03, 2014


Question time: If you are working in a job, any job really, and co-workers don't like you, does your intuition tell you that you aren't in the right place? Do you desperately hang on and wait for things to settle or do you give up? Even after a year when things have just have not worked out? 
Awwww I just don't know the answer to that. I felt like I was in the right place, right time, right job, but now I have come to realize that this may not be the case. It's just awful to think I'd have wasted the last two years of my life in a job that was not meant for me after all. There are some great moments and awesome people I have met along the way, but that don't change the fact that The Job sucks right now!
I need opiates.
There have been threats all along- latest one is that bullying is not tolerated and that next step is personnel department. Ok. If that's the case, then it's the right time to expose the bloody nutcase. There is plenty of ammunition and 10 employees vs. culprit must have some effect.

Employee engagement surveys have never really reached those super high targets, and this time is not any different. In the past I've really tried to be considerate and kind of ignore some stuff, everything in moderation, but this time it is for real. I guess recent actions speak for themselves... latest threat to take "us" to personnel is really the last straw.  
Answer to the question above is that you gracefully step down, retreat into a corner, realize that it you and the job weren't the right match. More embarrassing, if you stay, and someone else is employed to take over. LOOOOOL. Think about that and just take a hike. 



Makamae Maren said...

This is a very good question. I think now I am apt to move on more quickly than when I was younger. Unfortunately many offices seem to come stocked up on drama and sadly I used to get caught up in it. My 2nd to last job was a family run business and there was constant drama. I was far too complacent to leave and embarrassingly I was that person that clung until someone else was transferred to my position and I was laid off. The fortunate part was that the entire office of 40 people was laid off at the same time except for 10 who were left to hold down the fort. I would say if one is asking the question, should I stay or should I go? ... at least when it comes to work ... I would say if one is already asking, then the answer is to quickly move on. I did so 5 years and haven't ever regretted it. I tried the office once more but it was much the same and so I am currently working on creating my own business ... good to see you are traveling around ... does this mean you have moved on?

SatAtmaKaur said...

I may not have moved on on a physical level, but on mental.. yes, I am getting there. My newer posts discuss bullying, because that's what is going on in that office environment too.
Traveling and seeing new places and faces definitely helps putting things into perspective.