January 25, 2008

Home delivery

Two days ago I decided to buy a TV. Well, the one I have is a giant, weighs more than I can imagine- four men were needed to lift it up on the table, where it was ever since been sitting. The new TV is a flat screen, modern, Sony, and I could carry on and on praising the latest purchase.. But I'll spare you from it. The new TV was such a bulky item that I asked the Carrefour guys for home delivery, and no problem there. 11am delivery time was set for the following day. 1.5 hours later I am still waiting and waiting, when the phone call arrives. The delivery guys want me to come and meet them at the main gate. No, chance, I ask them to ask the "gatekeepers" for instructions how to get to my place. Half an hour later (this trip from the main gate to my house takes usually no longer than 10-15 min) the guys turn up, but I still have to meet them at the parking. So I go, see my new TV for the first time (albeit in a box), but I like what I see and can't wait.. The guys carry it in, one of them a sort of well-dressed driver and another smaller one creepy looking wearing yellow overalls. Surprise surprise, they have no tools with them to open the box. I fetch the scissors for them. Communication is a challenge as they do not seem to understand a word of English, and my Arabic ain't that good. With a combination of sign language, Arabic and English and few grunts the guys finally manage to fish the TV out of the box and on to the table.
As far as I am concerned, that's it, well done.
The one with smart looking shirt makes a move toward the front door, the yellow man however stands in front of me and for once I have the pleasure of being taller than he is.. and I am not tall, 5"4 without heels.. He asks for money! Excuse me! No money. No thanks, not for this sort of service. First of all they were late. Then they have no tools or knowledge of how to connect the satellite receiver. Besides, I paid for the TV and everything else I bought, so I ain't going to give a single dime to these guys. Call me greedy and selfish, even knowing they do not get paid much, I still would not budge. Instead I politely said Thank You, ask them to leave and eventually they do. No money, no fun. Yep, they probably thought I was a millionaire for being able to purchase such a "big" TV..
Would I pay for service that once again sucks.. Nope.

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