January 03, 2008

Service sucks

Where to complain if I find that internet service provider provides crap non-existent service..? Possibly because I am still stuck with the 19th century dial-up connection. It took me 15 minutes to get this posting page open, even then I keep on getting 'Problem loading page' messages and yee haa have I not seen more than enough of those messages today.. It is as if the service provider/weblog or both of them anticipate me writing and WHINING about the snail-speed internet connection? I mean who has the time ihis century to wait for one freakin page to open for 15 minutes?
I miss the old Talk Talk broadband back in England, even though it too had its challenging days, and on those days my neighbor's old-fashioned dial-up connection was working just fine. What to make of all this..?
Well, we all live the way we live, guests adapt or simply piss off.. which is something I am seriously contemplating. Return to the civilized world for the last time. All the signs, arrows, roads are pointing that way so perhaps I will finally take the hint, pack my bags and disappear in to the crowd.. and find a place I can call home.

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Sous said...

Just cross the bridge and you will feel the difference in living. Saudi just sucks all joy out of living. It creeps up on you.. We should meet up some time.