September 30, 2008 11am

What a relief, day off.. many plans, but then as always I end up sleeping late and half of the day is gone. No matter, day at work have been so busy recently and days off are the only days for cathing up with lost sleep, rest.. and trying to keep the house tidy. I live in the midst of a mess.
Sitting here, enjoying the +30 c something temperature, eating almonds, listening to BBC World news, updating the weblog.. What could be more fun on a day off? Aaaahhh.. sleeping of course- and spending time with my man... and so many other things..

Looking forward to my next vacation- to Europe in November. And again, to Europe, via Asia, in January. And of course these occasional days in the Gulf countries- yes count me in. Travel is fun, but finding a reasonably priced 4 star hotel is not. And when The Man travels next year, I intend to be there with him, if not the whole month, at least a week.
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