October 03, 2008

24 hours

1420 Abdominal pain begins and gets worse over the next four hours. Dull ache, constant, very much on top of the pain scale. The pain finally finds its final resting place in the patient's chest and radiates to the neck every now and then.
1755 Time to call the MD. 12 lead EKG done, blood tests too that detect a presence of heart attack. MD chats with the patient, reassures and the patient decides it is best to take off and go home. Patient's calls a friend, who agrees to go for a drive home.
1820 Home: patient takes OTC (over the counter) meds, which bring no relief whatsoever.
1845 Decision is made to visit the ER. Painkillers are not helping at all.
1910 ER registration process begins and the patient is taken for chest x-ray, blood tests, medications are given- they finally kick the pain away. But chewable Aspirin tastes foul and throwing up is closer than ever before. Sublingual Nitro is God send, and within five minutes or so the pain is completely gone. Dull ache, which is almost pleasant, remains. MD and few RN's come and check vital signs. Oxygen on, heart monitor on and off we go to the cardiac in-patient unit. At least one night of obervation, blood tests, EKG's ahead.
MIDNIGHT Not much sleep. Blood test.
0300 It's cold, patient asks for another blanket. Please. Toes are frozen.
0430 Blood tests.
0530 Is it time..? Not yet. Sleep for another hour.
0630 Next shift of hospital personnel begins their duty at work. Where is HE? And more blood tests.

Next few hours bring visits from several MD's, nurses etc and eventually HE also arrives with delicious breakfast.
High cholesterol levels, but no sign of heart attack.

1500 Home! It has been hard. Not enough sleep, more than enough pain. Shock of learning that the cholesterol levels are not optimal, but at least with a good diet they may improve.

There were my latest 24 hours or so, it was me having the pain.. Glad and relieved to be back home and all people involved, they were incredibly nice, all the doctors, nurses etc. Even more relieved that the pain turned out NOT to be a heart attack.

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