October 25, 2008

Writing a book

Dear all

Some of you know about my recent operation- it seems like a distant memory, therefore thinking about it as a "minor" operation is fine.
After suffering from abdominal pain for quite some time, I failed to diagnose my own condition as cholecystitis i.e. inflammation of the gallbladder. Today, a week later, I am free of pain, have had major clear out in my house, with the assistance of someone very special.. and I am doing very well.

Due to my experiences as patient, rather than as caregiver myself, I began to think about writing a book, it has a working title of "Experiences of Life and Death".
I began writing short stories about the most beautiful and memorable moments in my life so far, and some of not so pleasant moments. It could be about anything, holiday of a lifetime, your daily job- how much you enjoy it, precious gift you have been given, near death experience, facing your fears, healing process.
Anything. Any length, from two sentences to two pages. I am looking for people from all walks of life, anywhere. You can even write in you native language and I can get it translated.

I would be most grateful for any help, any written material that you'd be happy for me to publish. I plan to get the book published in the UK, but I need to get something written up before submitting anything for my agent.
If you know of family members, friends, relatives who would like to contribute, please let them know.

Kind regards
Sat Atma Kaur

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