January 03, 2009

Shift work

Can you think of anything that messes up your system, more than shift work? Come to think of it, yes, why not, there's an endless list of things that do just the same: tobacco, alcohol, firearms, narcotic drugs, over and under-eating, having no friends, being depressed, being lonely, being kicked by a horse, divorce.. so much out there. Horse issues.. I know of those, I own one. Depression, I know the feeling too. Being depressed and not recognizing it yourself, that sucks. Being on antidepressants and realizing there is sunshine and little more happiness and being at ease each day. But talking about the topic of shift work (also known as "shit work" when typo occurs, or a generalized "I hate my Shift Work" feeling persists)..
A regular 9-5 job has never felt suitable for me. Neither has a weird three shifts/24hrs. Night shifts- yes sir, those I love, but mix them with days, nights and more days and nights, that does not do it for me. No satisfaction. We are obviously talking about hospital work. Dreary old hospital work. Don't get me wrong, not all aspects of hospital work fill me with disgust, but arguments about shift work never cease. Night shifts all the time! I am a night owl and even at the time, way past midnite, I am up and awake and browsing the internet, listening to music, chicken in the oven, terribly cold outside, but I am HAPPY to have this early hour just for myself. All because of day/night etc pattern totally messing up my system and my brain is telling me to sleep during the daylight hours and stay up all night until 5am.
Sweet dreams, whenever you choose to sleep.

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