January 16, 2009

Rain, cold, fog- guess where in the world I am?

At least I am alive. Travelling across the world on a so called vacation, taking each day as it comes. Catching flights and finding myself spending too much cash and overusing credit cards. Where is the credit crunch? It did not hit me yet. There are too many problems to solve, but they can wait.
Vacations are meant to be enjoyed.

Boycott Foie Gras. If you have been watching the news this week, you'll have seen how they force-feed ducks and geese and it looks just intolerable. This one was filmed in Hungary. Tesco sells this force-fed foie gras in Hungary, yuck. I'll be boycotting Tesco too until they stop selling this poison. Yeah some say it is a delicacy, but the way it is produced sucks big time.

It is cold, it is foggy, misty, dark, miserable, but it is still time off and that's fabulous. More vacations please.

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