February 06, 2009

Animal Cruelty

Not long ago I read about a drunken woman, who got irritated at her dog's constant barking, so she threw the dog off the balcony, down 12 floors and the dog died instantly.
At first I was angry, then disgusted and then again angry. Who on earth can do something like this? Public humiliation would be just about right, as well as a fine (not just few dollars, but thousands) and a jail sentence. Publish this monster's name in the local newspaper. Let her see the remains of what is left of the poor dog.
Dog, or any animal for that matter is not disposable. Being drunk is not an excuse. Stop drinking, if that state of mind causes worst qualities of a person to surface.
Lashes and jail, that's what I think this woman deserves.

It's just an animal- yes, animal, but no one has the right to end an animal's life this way. Or another human being's.

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