February 01, 2009

How to recognize depression?

Depression.. I don't recognize signs of depression easily, especially if it is my own, and even this time the signs sneaked in through the back door. When nights become too long, sleep does not arrive and it is easier to stay at home and stare at the TV and over-eat and cry, then something needs to be done. We all have different coping mechanisms and ways to deal with it. One talks to therapist, one stays the same, another has prescription of antidepressants. Whatever works..
I belong to the last group. Back on antidepressants, which I really didn't want, but "we" agreed to give it a go. We= me and my doc. Depression is an illness too, but it's often kept quiet and I am not wondering why.
For sure it is easier to go and break a leg, walk around with crutches for some time, and voila- healed.
Depression- not quite the same, but there have been countless books and stories written of depression, and many "famous" people too have suffered of depression. Still, people read these fascinating stories, thinking thank God it wasn't me, and thinking that they are totally immune to the same dis-ease. It can happen to anyone and I didn't expect it to return twice.
Once I managed without medication, this time I don't feel I can do it. Crazy situation. We'll see and check again after nine weeks or so. Last time meds began working within a week (psychological effect no doubt), but that was fine, no questions asked. Right now my mind is very quiet.

Regardless, my life is tolerable, even fun at times, everything in moderation is the
key word for 2009.

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