June 19, 2009

Bad for good

Drivers.. once again I feel I have to mention few remarkable (not) driving performances:
- speed limit 70mph, and still there are those who feel they have to drive 50mph or less. they are not bothered by my flashing headlights, and that is all I have done so far. No honking the horn, no rude gestures.. yet. I'm not planning to speed, but if 70 is allowed then let me drive 70. There are two lanes, the right one traditionally for "slower moving vehicles" and the left for faster ones. Ask me why I did not overtake.. well, I don't have answer to that, but previously, every time, slower moving vehicle has moved out of the way therefore not requiring me to change from one lane to another.
- one incredible parking performance. one chap reversed just into the parking spot in front of our car and left us few inches to get our car out. This was next to sidewalk. Well we barely got out, but not before this chap got out of the car. Yellow-blue T-shirt, kind of a loser-looking guy carrying an Adidas plastic carrier bag. Needless to say he did not get his car parked correctly, it was half way out on the road, so I hope the representatives of law caught him in the act.
- once again, losers can't find the way to indicate they want to turn LEFT or RIGHT. If the indicator function is not working in the car, or one cannot find it, just point a flag outside the window and indicate which way you are going. Idiotas estupidos. How an earth did they get drivers licences..?

Good old diarrhea, it's never-ending. Burger King hamburger meal caused so many cramps and pain that I might not eat at BK for sometime. Until my intestines calm down. Cramps woke me up at night several times.. Each time I manage to prepare my own meals (fish- occasionally chicken, rice, pasta, all with minimum of spices and oil) I feel better and get through the day. Eating hamburgers etc is okay, but I've got to pay the price later.

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