September 26, 2009

Life as it is today

Life is vulnerable. It is not fair, it brings sadness to others, joy to another, but it is still there. I am aware how my life has changed within the past 10 years and how lucky I am to be here today, having everything I have, being grateful for it.
Living without pain. Two days ago sciatic pain forced me to either walk or stay in bed, sitting on a chair was out of question. Today, I have no pain and I am extremely grateful. I woke up at 5am, without pain, without that fatigue I have suffered from for quite some time.
Today I had pasta and chicken for lunch. How lucky that I had an opportunity to eat. In the early hours of the morning I went for a walk. Cool fresh air, peaceful and quiet. How lucky I was there too.

I am very much aware this could end at any time, all this could be taken away from me. Therefore it is important to remember- and I try- that each moment is mine, my decision to use those minutes and hours the way I choose. Yes, there are moments when I forget. But then I remember.. and I am grateful.

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