October 08, 2009

Hunters of The Lost Confidence

On horseback that is. Yesterday I tried few very easy jumps, but the horse stopped before each jump- my mind was telling him "don't jump". I could have done it 20 years ago, an eager and fearless pony clubber, but today my main concern was do I still know how to do it? The horse knows, he has fantastic experience in cross-country jumps. One half a meter high jump would be nothing of a challenge for him. Poles on the ground went well, in trot and canter. Weird thing is that we jumped a cross country jump last week, not a very complicated jump, it came kind of all of a sudden in trot and I thought we'll just go for it. And we did! Perfect jump, perfect landing and I didn't fall off.
I was wearing a body protector yesterday, the horse has long mane (just in case..) and he does not bolt or run away. Perfect horse, less perfect rider, but I am not judging myself too harshly, it might have not been "my day", no jumps.
Call in the instructor, riding lessons might be in order.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you!

Happy blogoversary!