July 07, 2010

Fell off the wagon

Grey's anatomy ended in a strange, but fascinating way and I am going to keep watching. One thing I quit is FarmVille. They kept losing my horses, newly built stable, harvester and crops that I had already harvested, kept withering. New addiction is FrontierVille, but I much rather go visit my horse and farm all I can at his stable.

One of the weirdest most disturbing nightmare last night: I left, came back, found myself climbing up high rise building wall and onto balcony, then let myself in, found my room. Filthy, looked like it was already occupied (why didn't I utilize elevator, instead of rock-climbing on the building wall..?). Then I met my new housemates, but thought this is sooooo weird.. And what happened to my horse? Where is everyone I know? Kept delaying going to the stable, and when I finally did find my way there, I was told my horse died two weeks before I returned. All I saw was an empty stall! Then I woke up and realized it was just a nightmare, but still it felt so real.
It was much worse that all cancer nightmares, real and in dreams, that I have ever had.

New job is waiting just around the corner, in October. Waiting and waiting.

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