July 30, 2010

Hey you, tailgater

This is not my last, or the first post of weird driver performances in traffic.
On my way home from work, on a narrow road, I saw fast approaching pair or bright shiny headlights in my rear view mirror. All of a sudden they were, few inches to spare between his and my car. Brake time! Even red brake lights did not slow him down, not mine anyway and his luxury car was missing the brakes altogether! Considering he was at least a mile away when I turned on this road, he must have been speeding as well, just like he was doing right now. I say "he", because this Speedy Gonzalez parked his car when he reached his destination- same as mine, and I saw him getting out of the car, looking all smug and proud of his white maximum performance Nissan Maxima. Yay! Car ain't even his property, it is daddy's!
I could just stand there and look and wonder what sort of punishment this chap deserves. I stood and wondered so long that he was already gone.
But wait, there's always next time, and the next and so on, and next time I'll take a photo of both of them and call 911.

Another one for your entertainment: two lanes leading towards home (as always..). Speedy Gonzales in GMC stops at the red light, just after he has overtaken me twice (don't ask me how he did it, and I was well within the 65 speed limit). Light's RED, bright RED but the moron decides for him it has already turned GREEN, brightest of all. GMC ready for action, he turns to right and I stay behind- no words, but, yes, this is another Kodak moment!

What's the excuse of speeding? Tail-gating? None I say.
Airbag may save your life, or it may not, all that's needed is one crash and adios speedy four wheeled vehicle. It's a different story what happens to life itself then. It is not just YOU, the driver of Nissan Maxima/GMC, alone in this world, but many others too. Would your consciousness tell you you are still this good likeable chap if you went to killed someone else in the process? I don't know and can't imagine how, if ever, one can get over the thought of killing someone you love while showing off in daddy's white Nissan Maxima.
There are people dying of cancer and many many other things all over the world- why is it that some drivers have death-wish?
Nothing against GMC/Nissan Maxima drivers, but those two often stick out like a sore thumb.

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