August 22, 2011

Lost opportunities

Remember when something was just within your reach, and you did not reach for it?
It might have happened more than once, twice, three times?
Quite like when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, you get up and start your day. That's an opportunity that you did not miss.
Another time friend of yours invites you to dinner, you go, eat, have a chat, have fun. Not a missed opportunity.
Phone rings and I don't answer. Missed opportunity? Quite possibly.
Facebook friend request arrives at my Facebook "doorstep". Accept? No. Lost opportunity? Maybe. Yes.
Someone somewhere one day approached me. I was not quite in the mood of conversing with a stranger- and what do they say about strangers? Strangers are friends we have not yet met. Lost opportunity there.
Can''t say "Yes"all the time to each and every request and demand, but if your judgment, like mine, is pretty poor, then it's likely you've "missed"it- whether it is a lottery win, gorgeous man, gift from a stranger... Maybe it just was not meant to happen?

Talking about alarm clocks, I no longer need one. This furry creature "Nightowl" above is my alarm clock. 5am sharp, weekday or weekend, rain or shine, she is sure to wake me up.

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