August 19, 2011


Awww no not again.
- One lane leading to highway- a chap in a red Chrysler insists on getting in front of us, no matter what. Bloody ammonia head.
- One chap on driver's seat, two lanes, driving in the middle of them, on top of the white lane.
- My turn, to the left, this guy is driving 1 meter distance from my rear bumper and has this urgent need to get past, which he eventually does, ignoring the 65 km/hr speed limit. Black SUV.
- Red light=no turn right. This guy in another SUV sees there is no traffic and takes the initiative to turn, never mind the red light.
- Another one in Chevrolet wants the same lane where I am. Yo man, where is the indicator. Right or left? Useless. Needless to say he was not going in front of me and my vehicle.

Recognize yourself from any of the above? Get back into driving school, because it is obvious you got your licence by bribing the official. They call it "wasta"in our neck of the woods.

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