December 29, 2012

" Don’t tell me her name; I don’t need to know it, to cry for her"

Gang rape victim dies in Singapore hospital. This is in Top 10 in Yahoo's "trending now".
Grief is immeasurable, there are no words to describe how I feel. My heart goes out to her family, friends and relatives. It is appalling, outrageous and unbelievable, but it happened. May she rest in peace and may she never be forgotten. Anonymous victim of shocking crime.

Violence against women is not uncommon. Violence is everywhere, not just against women for sure. Many die in vain, but it should not be that way. This case has world wide attention, but many other victims of violent crimes never gain this amount of attention. We think nothing about boarding a bus, it is meant to take us to our destination. Motor vehicle accidents again are common, but not gang rapes!!!! None us expects to be brutally attacked, raped or killed in a bus, train or airplane. Car and plane crashes happen, they are unavoidable, but rape can be prevented. What went on in these young men's minds, what prompted them to do what they did? Alcohol, drugs, whatever gave them the idea of damaging the two strangers' bodies, injuries that would eventually cause one of them to die.

Young men? Boys? Criminals? Rapists and murderers? They all need to be punished- in this case I totally support capital punishment. They have to die for what they did. Alcohol may have conveniently buried all memories "I was not there, I didn't do anything..", but death of this girl is true. Can they now be honest and truthful?
These were no men, no boys, but brutal monsters. Eye for an eye. May they all face firing squad. Let them beg on their knees for mercy, which will never come. Many will celebrate when those monsters are dead. Haven't we already had enough? These monsters must become examples to the rest of the world. This crime is now resting on their shoulders, and only theirs. I feel no pity toward them. Let them die.

Does the society make our youngsters feel that drugs, violence, sexual promiscuity, rape are the 'norm' and ok?

None of this will bring this poor soul back. She did not invite anyone to attack her or choose this day as the day she would die. None of this will make her male friend's injuries heal any faster. None of this will wipe this terrible experience out of his memory. 45 minutes of horrendous attack and NO ONE stopped the nightmare. As if it all is a movie scene. One of the worst ever scenes.
I know... I was not in that bus, but why did no one act?
One person against these monsters probably has no chance, not alone. Monsters were powered by the Devil himself. Totally pointless,senseless, sick. Will they themselves remember every single detail of the attack? Will they hate themselves that much that they commit suicide? One cannot possibly live knowing this is what they have done, and it cannot be undone. Those moments will never return. Those who are left behind, have to deal with this and it will not be easy, nor it can ever be forgotten.

This added to the sorrow, madness and sadness of 2012. Nilanjana Roy writes in her blog "Some cases stop being cases. Sometimes, an atrocity bites so deep that we have no armor against it, and that was what happened with the 23-year-old medical student, the one who left a cinema hall and boarded the wrong bus, whose intestines were so badly damaged that the injuries listed on the FIR report made hardened doctors, and then the capital city, cry for her pain."

"On a long road, miles to go
Its winding and cold and its covered with snow
But I ask you what we all want to know
Where are we going from here...

Lines on my face, lines on my hands
Lead to a future I don't understand
Some things don't go as they're planned...
Where are we going from here...

Tracing the trails through the mirrors of time
Spinning in circles with riddles in rhyme
We lose our way, trying to find
Searching to find our way home...
Trying to find our way home...

As the day dies, with tears in our eyes
There's too few hellos and too many goodbyes
Silence answers our cries...where are we going from here...

We're all on this road, with miles to go
Braving new pathways into the unknown
But who do you ask, when no one really knows
Where we are going from here..."

- Blackmore's Night: Where are we going from here

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