June 11, 2013

Feeling like Edward Snowden

Not nearly as famous of course and not on the very same scale at all.
I'm not here to talk about Edward though, but about my own small scale incident at work.
Work- that's where it all starts and where it ends. Inspiring, uplifting.. not today. 
I thought honesty is a virtue, but little white lies could still be OK at times, but not when just seconds separate you from the truth and you are about to get caught.
OK, all I did was admitted that "I do not know". Perhaps I should have said "yes, I know", and risk being discovered moment after that. Caught in a lie, red handed and red faced. No good.
What I said was the truth, but "inappropriate" in some other people's opinion. Life is full of surprises. Miserable boss gave most invaluable feedback by saying "Nothing personal, but I am pointing at you...). How could it be personal if another person stares at you and points finger at you...????? How?

Straight up, I was honest, way too honest in this case.
Correct way of handling this would have been either not saying anything, not admitting or revealing I don't know, that I may have forgotten and I am a jerk.
Correct way in MY mind was that I am responsible of my own lack of knowledge, that I am tired of hiding.
That I am correct in being honest.

I am nowhere near Edward Snowden here, but I think I may just understand tiny bit of what he is going through right now. Given option now, plane ticket to The Lone Star State
I'd probably start packing.

But I'll wait just a bit. Waiting for the night. Wait for tumor marker results. Wait for better day. 

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