October 06, 2013

Be safe in traffic Part II

Remembering the YouTube video I was watching yesterday, still amazed that some lucky people escaped without major injuries, I was driving home from work. Driving on the right lane (as opposed to wrong), and all of a sudden there is this yellow car next to me, out of nowhere, just inches to spare. The driver of that car attempted to turn right, but apparently did not bother looking ahead and to the right, where he/she was heading. Driver also did not know how to use the signal.

 http://auto.howstuffworks.com/turn-signal.htm website explains it well:
"In the American southeast, which up until recently was comprised mainly of small towns, it's said that drivers don't use their turn signals because everyone knows where you're going anyway. Turn signals may be the most underutilized device on a car. Yet signaling is one of the most important actions you can take as a driver, warning other drivers of your impending moves to minimize hazardous surprises. You might not see a car in your blind spot, but that car's driver might see your turn signal start to blink before you move into his lane. Failing to signal may be the cause of quite a few accidents, and is probably a big source of "road rage" as well."

 Yellow car driver!!!Yellow!!!! I can't possibly read your mind. Turn left, right, whatever, but please don't destroy mine and my passengers' lives. Back to driving school and a hefty fine, that's what you need. 

Other than that, my day was good. 

Dear colleague and friend of mine was buried yesterday. May she rest in peace. 

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