October 09, 2013

Hey you, old friend

Sometimes I forget how much I value my friends. I met one of those friends today, thinking that we have been forever disconnected. No, we weren't, it was just that I had not seen him for a long time. This one was probably the first time we really talked. Talked and talked and almost lost the track of time. 
I found myself sharing with him more than I had with anyone for a long time. I don't talk a lot, I don't go out a lot, but there are times when miracles happen and changes happen. I wish we would have had little more time, but then the time we spent together having coffee, talking, was probably just the right amount of time.
This is a change for better.
I want to see him again. Don't ask who he is, how we happened to be in the same place same time today. Just like I said, miracles happen. Unplanned events and meetings are often most inspiring and uplifting. 

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