July 18, 2014

Life is unpredictable

When we expect to board the plane, be it MH17 or another, we just expect to get on the plane and get to the destination within the time that's supposed to be the right time. The earlier the better. Then the news about Malaysian aircraft. It could have been any of us in that plane. How awful! I happened to be browsing through Facebook newsfeed and there it was; online newspaper headline. Speculations of how, who, why, what continue. Separatists have previously claimed responsibility of destroying various other aircrafts, helicopters etc so yeah, I guess it could be them again. Whoever it was, whoever owned those missiles it is still an absolute tragedy and murder.
All those passengers, just like us, have stories to tell. It's all over for them and it's a terrible loss. We just don't know when it is all over and it's not necessarily airplane crash.

Any of these days could be our last, so then perhaps there is no need to get so wound up about minor issues in daily life. I try remembering it too.

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