October 18, 2014

More hazards...

I thought I'd not have to bring up traffic issues, driving behaviors etc anymore, but how wrong I was. It's disgusting how people drive. Not everyone, some are brilliant drivers. This time it's just from the point of view of someone, who walks every day.
I walk 4-5km, takes me less than an hour in an ideal world. Would it not be those speeding cars and those, who feel there is no need to use the signal, so that others have to keep on guessing where this person and his massive SUV are about to turn. Even pedestrian crossings don't help in saving poor walker's life. When I first started walking again after the operation, I found a route around the block, on the sidewalk and there was no need to cross the road. I was safe.. so I thought anyway. A so-called taxi service car tried to kill me on one of those crosswalks today. I could not read the driver AKA idiot's mind and he was about to turn right, when I was in the middle of the road. Just inches to spare. I saw his face, but did not get the license plate number. Another vehicle full of "employees" of some company signaled right, but because I was already on my way and crossing the road, couple of steps short of the sidewalk, I thought I could just carry on. These guys in their old crappy pick-up take the turn on two wheels and almost roll over. Slowing down would have been the best option. Well, that;'s just my opinion.

Then I realized I can walk further and further each day. Mistake. Multiply these incidents I described above by three, and you get the picture: no one wants to slow down. That makes me want to scream and take a photo of the offending vehicle+driver. Yeah and call the police.

Another thing: headlights. I don't know how this is related to color of the car, but it seems the darker the color, the less likelihood that the headlights are on. It must be an awful challenge to switch those lights on or not knowing where/how to switch the lights on. Ask your neighbor.

These are the reasons that adds up to 15 minutes to my walk, but each time I am glad I am back home in one piece. It's definitely a worry now that days get darker so soon, but drivers don't realize there are few things for them to do. People, who walk outside, will have to think about their safety very carefully. Be visible in traffic and practice defensive walking. I guess those who run, can get out of the way much faster.

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