October 29, 2014


Some people are just incredible. They don't even know you, yet they feel it's their birthright to make comments about your appearance, weight, BMI ratio, make-up (or lack of), clothes, how you walk and talk. Insults fly from one corner to another and there is always like-minded person, who joins in. I know a girl, who was told she is fat and next day she stopped eating. She actually had a very athletic body, it was just the scale and the person, who operated the scale that caused this huge misunderstanding. Three or four months later there was nothing much of this previously healthy and happy girl. She lost all muscle mass, that tiny bit of fat she still had had, and turned into an anorectic skeleton. The scale operator had no words, when she saw the girl that time. Thank God the girl still had it in her and she told the stupid scale operator AKA school nurse that she was the one to blame for the massive weight loss. Few careless words was all it took.
Well that girl definitely was not me, because I have no willpower to stop eating and I'd not want to, because I love my food. I've also been told numerous times about my size and shape, even thought I fit in majority of 12-14 clothes. Too small, too tall, too heavy, too whatever. There is always someone ready to criticize, you can count on that. There is always a comeback too: I pull my "cancer card" out and tell them to get a life, or get cancer like I once did. Did you just undergo a major operation? Hell yeah. Were you bullied at school? I was. Were you bullied at work? Yes. Are you a cancer survivor? Yes. Can you ignore those insults and let them fly over your head into God only knows where? Absolutely. I can.
I try to avoid making assumptions about people's IQ, their manners and nature related to their outer appearance. It's just not something that correlates very well. You never know what is happening in that person's life right there and then. One insult from your mouth can be the one that destroys that person's life. If it does, shame on you and all of us, who let that happen. Animals don't do this, why do humans have to?
Of course I have insulted people in various ways. I've been rude, annoying, in a bad mood, depressed, non-talkative. I've said multiple wrong words and then was left wondering where I went wrong. Instant feedback such as kick in the butt would do it, then I would know when I have flown off the handle. I don't go out on purpose looking at people, wondering if I consider them normal or fat or too skinny.
I definitely have called people idiots or stupid and something even worse. Straight into their faces, if it was very very necessary and would have possibly saved my life. Or something as serious as that. In traffic, when someone drives like a maniac I think it is well justified if one wants to shout abuse as long as they don't take it out in the open.
It's difficult to take words back once they have been said, so I tend to keep my mouth shut. It will never cease to amaze me how insulting others is like a daily bread for some. That's when it's good to remember the centuries old adage: "What goes around, comes around".

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