October 27, 2015

Broken heart...?

Last week I felt a strange heavy feeling in my chest. I chose to ignore it and hoped it would go away. Then I went to work as normal, did my normal stuff and then the pain was back. I thought I was hungry, so ate a bit, but the pain got no better or worse. Few hours later the pain gets intolerable and I am forced to go to Emergency.
After blood tests, EKG, painkillers and several hours of monitoring, cardiologist walks in and tells me I need to be admitted overnight for more observation. At that time I wasn't in pain, but because my friend was standing next to me I said okay.. reluctantly.
Everything was normal, but the intensity of the pain really scared me, so it was probably best to spend the night in hospital. More blood tests and serial EKG's followed, bad hospital food and a CT Angio next morning. 
The verdict: acid reflux disease and hiatal hernia.
I kind of know about the former, but a hiatal hernia is something totally different. CT angio did not show everything clearly, because there were motion artefacts (me..? Was I moving? Surely not?), but it appears it's not the heart to blame this time.
I'll be doing my homework now and read about the hernia, because I really don't know much about it and more importantly, can it be fixed?

And yes, I know the EKG shows a 1st degree heart block and bradycardia.


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