October 22, 2015


Strange dream: Shopping mall somewhere in France. There were curious looking posters, which turned out be written in Polish. All of a sudden a dark figure emerges from behind the poster and points a gun at me. I try to escape, but don't get far before the attacker shoots and the bullet hit me in the back... and exits in the front just below the left collarbone. And then.. that was it.
Some would call it a nightmare.

I have to refer to my Dream Interpretation book, which says that I could be interacting with people, who don't have my best interests in mind and that I experience conflicts in my daily life.
Well, damn right, conflicts in some form or another. Daily, weekly. I've learned to live with some of them sometimes with more success, sometimes less.

Another thing: this has also been a week of insults. One of my colleagues are share the sentiment. If it's not an insult aimed at the way you look (Oh man, you look terrible!), it's an indirect insult (For Pete's sake, what are you eating..?? = that's why you look the way you do).
What happened to diversity, acceptance, tolerance? Let everyone live the way they choose.
Besides, people can change. The person, who looked terrible and fat just yesterday, could well be looking awesome tomorrow and you get to eat your words.

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