December 10, 2015

Stop signs and winter

This cold (it's all relative, but +7C is cold here) weather must be impacting some people's ability to drive a car. A dark blue Chevrolet Malibu ran a red light and nearly hit me lat week. I just hope the camera in the intersection caught him! Idiot. And yes, I had a green light.
Another near miss yesterday. I was on the main road and I see a taxi (Chevrolet Tahoe, possibly. A big SUV anyway) approaching from the right and he would have definitely seen me coming unless he was blind. I am beginning to believe that he was blind, because he couldn't see the stop sign!Stop sign! You know that red sign. I applied brakes just in time, because this guy just kept coming! As a result all my stuff on the backseat flies all over the place and same goes with the stuff in the trunk. Just that moment when it all happens so quickly, my first thought was to get out of the car, take a photo of the guy and his car and then beat him up. Instead I drive away shouting abuse at him.
I've learned my lesson after the first near miss (why is it always a Chevrolet...?) and my dashboard camera was on.The camera angle wasn't exactly right, but I got the footage I needed and the driver will soon be caught and barbecued. He had no passengers in the car, thanks be to God.
If I was a suicidal lunatic, I probably wouldn't have stopped.

C'mon guys, it can't be that difficult to stop at a Stop sign and have a proper look. Maybe I should also add that both of the drivers were men. Nothing against men driving, but I'm just saying.

According to Wikipedia: "A stop sign is a traffic sign to notify drivers that they must stop before proceeding", and here's the sign- I hope it's big enough. Thanks Wikipedia.

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