November 26, 2015

Traffic safety part VIII

This definitely is one of those traffic related posts, again, so if traffic and stupid drivers don't interest you, just wait for the next blog post.
Everyone, even schoolkids (who are actually very smart these days) know that days get shorter and nights are longer. Therefore it can still be dark in the mornings. Would it then make sense to find out if your car has something called "headlights" and once that's done, then learn how to use the headlights. If your car is not equipped with headlights, consider taking public transport or painting your car with a fluorescent color. If your car is grey, beige, some sort of dark color, it kind of acts as a camouflage and I can't see you and your posh Nissan Maxima coming from wherever you are coming from. Even worse, if it's a so called luxury car. You would not want anyone to bump into your precious car, would you? So headlights do help. They may save your life and mine. My car is black, but that does not matter, because my headlights are on.

Don't even get me started on motorbikes and cyclists. Often you see them when it's already too late.
I'm not even going to mention those who drive 20mph, when the speed limit is 70mph.

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