June 12, 2016

Be nice

One of my colleagues shuffles in late every morning, as if he's depressed or something. Maybe he is, I wouldn't know, because he doesn't say good morning or anything else during the day. Absolutely nothing. On occasion we meet in the corridor and he sheepishly looks into any other direction, except me. Yea, I've been wondering what I may have done/said to him, but maybe it's nothing at all and I should just say "good morning" to him tomorrow.
But then, maybe not. Let's see how long long he's planned this silent treatment for.
What I can't stand is being late every morning, whether it's from work or another type of engagement. Sure people have their reasons, but some don't and it's them I'm talking about.
Maybe he realizes I'm not too pleased about him being late? I guess that's good enough a reason for not talking (we used to have interesting conversations...).
Whatever it is, I'll find out one day, but I'm not holding my breath.

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