July 03, 2016

Not all riding days are good

But they are still better than non-riding days. It's a challenge to ride a new horse, who has never met you and you haven't met the horse. All you can do is keep fingers crossed that the horse does not dislike you and buck you off.
It wasn't one of my best lessons, but definitely not the worst. The Horse was obviously is some sort of mood that I couldn't get her to do each and everything I asked of her. She did not canter, but then I probably did not ask for it. She turned right, when I asked (or not) her to turn left. She had a very comfortable trot, so I ended up riding in rising trot most of the time. I think a private lesson might have been a better idea. Well, there is always next time. When I have gotten so comfortable on my own horse, who has a great functioning engine, I almost forget that other horses exist.
At the end of the ride, she bit me.
Awww thanks.
I'll be back, you stubborn old mare.

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