December 30, 2016

Weirdest and funniest things

Here are some of the weirdest things I have ever done:
- Travelled across Europe by sea, land and air, when the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010. I had to get home, from place A to place B. Had to. And I got there.
- Linked to the above; spent a night at Athens Airport sleeping rough. Me and my backpack. On the following day I checked into the hotel and after lunch I collapsed in bed and never got to enjoy the luxury facilities the hotel had to offer.
- Visited the Abney Park cemetery in London several years ago and took photos of the graves. Now, I'm not sure that's appropriate, but anyways..
- When I was in college I had a fight with my brother: I ended up with a black eye and had people giving me funny looks on the following day.
- Visited Pripyat and Chernobyl in summer 2016. That's extreme, if anything. 
- Had my appendix removed many many years ago and the sutures were supposed to have been "absorbable". Several weeks ago I felt something "sharp" and pulled out about 5" of a suture material. The wound did not open, much to my relief.
- Caught a salmonella bug in South Dakota and began to feel really and truly unwell in a public transport. Proceeded to vomit all over the place.. 
- While at work one summer, I must have randomly pressed some random keys in the keyboard and the system started printing pages and pages of some stats. I called the IT and thanks to them and "Control-C or B or V" the printing stopped, but I had to hide the evidence.
- Baltic Sea cruise: I must have had one too many, combined with seasickness, I ended up laying on the dancefloor and I can't remember how I ended up there. Later in the cabin, my friend and I were violently ill and woke up in the morning with a smell of ... vomit. Yuck!
- Bought a pair of bright red designer shoes (no need to mention the price tho..) and made a mistake of wearing them outdoors. Before I knew it, my ankle twisted real bad and I fell.. right on a busy road. My ankle and pride were hurt. The shoes.. their story came into an abrupt end. 7" heels, never again.
- After riding my horse few years ago, I rode back to the stable, dismounted.. or so I had planned: my shirt got caught in the Western saddle horn and I was half way down, still stuck in the saddle (horn). My weight combined with the earth's gravity and a desperate attempt to pull myself free caused most of the shirt buttons fly all over the place across the stable yard. Just a few buttons were left and I wore the body protector for the rest of the evening. Since then I have learned how to dismount correctly.
- Once when walking home I thought I'd take a shortcut across the parking. One of the cars had had an oil leak or whatever that black stuff on the ground was: I slipped and fell, and all the groceries in my bag rolled across the parking lot: cans of Coke, pineapple, oranges etc. LOL. I did not get hurt.
- I was cleaning (read: trying to unblock) the kitchen sink in my old house. I poured the contents of a  drain opener powder into the sink, left it there (read:forgot) for quite a while. When I came back, I poured boiling water into the sink and the mix of caustic soda and boiling water exploded. There were burns in my head, eyes, hands and some damage to the kitchen cabinets. Thankfully I managed to rinse some of that stuff off, called my friend, who took me to hospital for a grueling two hour eye rinse procedure using Morgan lenses.  By then my eyesight was not great and afterward I realized how lucky I was that I did not lose my eyesight completely. In fact it actually got better, but this is no way to improve anyone's eyesight. I was so drugged up at the end of the procedure that I can't remember much. My friend took photos of me and the Morgan lenses and it was not a pretty sight. My advice: don't do it. Ever.

- Once I fell off of a horse at the very end of a riding lesson in South London. A big brown horse. An ambulance had to be called and I was taken to the very same hospital where I worked. Cool.. Not. Embarrassing.. Yes.
- During a presentation not long ago once I began to feel sick.. a form of diarrhea. I managed to get to the end of the presentation and left quickly. Not quick enough. I spent what seemed like hours in the restroom washing my trousers, but my underwear was beyond help and I had to discard them. A day without underwear is like no chocolate treat on Sunday, when you have been waiting for it all week.
- Once in London I got confused of the direction of the traffic. I saw my bus coming, jumped in, and ended up traveling less than a minute when the bus reached it's final destination.
- Again in London, after a yoga class in Central London, I took the underground train home, fell asleep and woke up somewhere in Zone 6 (Zone 2 was where I was supposed to have been heading).
- When I was flying to London from an unnamed airport, I nearly missed my flight and had to literally run to the right gate. There was another airline departing to London same day and time, and I had been waiting at the wrong gate. During the flight I messed up the aircraft toilet, because of a nosebleed.

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