April 19, 2007

Bigger better issues

The heat is all around, oppressive. This is the time of the year in the desert. It is also time to think about the environmental issues. I was reading Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth- and the local bookstore sold me the same DVD, which I am looking forward to seeing later tonight.
True, this winter has been colder than usual here. Lately we have had thunderstorms; lightning colors the sky and the performance is spectacular. The rain.. clusters of rain. Sometimes the raindrops almost dry before they reach the ground. The rain does not really clear the air- in fact it makes it more humid. My bike is still parked outside and the rust caused by salty water is beginning to show.. The heavy downpour arrives, the water gathers itself into small ponds.
The sun shines through the clouds today; and the sky reminds me of a thick gray blanket. Is this the famous climate crisis or something different? A sort of normal beginning of summer? What about the Northern hemisphere; the tropical summers that I have often experienced in Finland? Surely those weather conditions are not quite right in the north.
Are we just here, hoping for the best, ignoring the warnings?

When I returned from work late yesterday evening, the office buildings nearby all had lights on, like a Christmas tree. Surely office workers had left the building long ago, but the bloody lights were still on. Energy saving lights...?
Recycling campaign is on, I try to do my share, pile up all plastic, aluminum and glass every Saturday morning and take them to the recycling point. I guess there is still room for improvement. A lot of improvement. Until people here learn not to throw garbage into streets, recycle, save energy, consume less, make peace instead of war- this region may fall.. or maybe not. Perhaps not in my lifetime.

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