May 25, 2007

Nothing to say

It has always been the same, hardest thing to say good bye. These days I try avoiding it if I possibly can. Good old wise Yoda in Star Wars said that we have to practice letting go, attachment leads to jealousy. Let go of material stuff and clutter in your life. Hmmmm. What about people? How does the process being that one gets so attached and then one day has to let go? One thing leads to another. Practice aparigraha, non-hoarding.

I used to be surrounded by piles of books, old magazines, old stuff that supposedly had sentimental value. Good bye clutter.
I've barely kept up with all the advances in my life, but this time I've come far. With few compromises of course. Left the life in London, but one day I will be back. Perhaps life is financially independent and easy right now, rewards will be here later. Work for the money? So it sounds, but I do not, I do not exist just for cash. Family, friends..? They are further away in miles that I would like to, but it is encouraging that I see them more than once a year. Local friends; I do meet them more often.
I think many issues were resolved and I have manifested several positive changes, and let go of the anger and resistance.. All of a sudden I kind of like it here- still in the back of my mind there is an alarm saying that I may leave in a hurry. Now, I wonder why..

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