July 31, 2008

Walk in the God's country

Early this morning I awoke at 3am, partly because something was worrying me, and partly because numerous night shifts messed up my schedule. It was still dark outside, slightly humid- and it felt so inviting, velvety darkness, soft, like chocolate mousse. I left the usual stuff, iPod, cellphone home- took a bottle of water and an open mind with me. How does the world wake up? The birds, sunrise, eerie stillness, no sounds, no sights, no smells- until it all awakens and the mystery of darkness reveals its secrets. One moment it was dark, next moment little less dark and I began to see the forms of variety of plants, flowers, palmtrees. The sky was opening, so blue, so vast, so open. Magic in the air. On my way back it was all clear, sun was rising, sky was light blue, birds were watching me. A man was walking four gorgeous golden retrievers, one woman was on her regular morning run. No cars, no noise- and I was glad I had left iPod home. There is already too much noise in this world.
It was truly a walk in the God's country; quiet, peaceful. My mind was less noisy and active too- it was a walking meditation for me. Not just a mindless exercise, not a boring chore. Breathwalk.

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