July 08, 2008

Off the grid

It is the time to take a break, take a vacation, disappear.. I'm off for a while, computer crashed, windows vista on strike, and I am about to say Adios windows and Ahlan Wasahlan Mac! New system, new rules, new learning process. Had enough of windows's bad behavior, frequent crashes, losing my files and photos and beign stranded at home without an internet access, that's the end of it. Nothing wrong with the computer itself, but the WINDOWS, aaarrrgggghhhhhhhh. Angry!!!
I am at the library, no access to the facebook, the company (wisely may I add) has blocked the access, well, this may be the break I need to quit facebook addiction, quit all of the addictions same time- why not, it wouldn't be so bad.

Any updates? Yes and no. Could I be in love? Is it just something else or just love... Only love, plain love, obsession, all about sex and money and material stuff? If I don't know, who would know then? It can't be love.. can't be. Just something else, but even this way it's just fine. Life goes on, the show must go on too.

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