November 05, 2008


to.. nothing specific. I love to sleep. At the very beginning, when I was home from the hospital, I couldn't really sleep and woke up irritated, sweaty and restless. In the middle of the night I woke up covered in sweat and there was no way I would get up from under the duvet and feel the cold. No way. In time, these sweaty periods ceased and I could sleep. Healing took place during the night, I could feel it, visualize it. I drank water and imagined how the wounds began the healing process, from the tissues deeper, toward the skin. Then the sleep began to escape me and I was up until 1am, easily. Understandably I then slept until 11am and wondered why the days pass by so quick.
I am back into more or less normal rhythm now, but it's not set in stone and I still love to wake up later than 7am.

Other than that, I love being in love. I miss him when he is not here, I miss him as soon as he leaves the house and goes to work. I miss him when he is out with the boys. Seriously.

I still love to eat. Delicious meals that we share, me and him. My cooking skills have improved a lot and I have actually learned to like cooking. Setting up the table, serving the food. Eating mmmmm... Yummy.

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