March 04, 2009

Verbal abuse

Incredible.. Yet another patient's relative/family member/whatever accused me of not helping their family member, who was a patient at the time. Patient himself was fabulous, did not ask for anything extra, was extremely well educated, civilized.. but this woman; hatred and flash of anger in her eyes she TOLD me to go and help the patient. I did what I was TOLD and the patient thanked me. Afterwards I said to the woman that her tone of voice is not appreciated at all and that I would be very grateful if she did not speak to me in the same way ever again. Never.

That night I never saw her again, thanks be to God. There is no need being so rude, ever, to anyone. Patients' verbal attacks can somehow be tolerated, but not families' or relatives'. Patients are sick after all, few rude words don't matter as much if they come from their mouths- but rude and nasty ungrateful family members don't get my sympathy.
I would do well putting this attack behind me, but they seem to go on and on, because not many stand up for themselves and just continue almost welcoming the abuse. I'm not saying ALL of us are guilty, but majority of us are. I've had my share of abuse, clients/customers/patients calling me names ("you are not very nice", devil, b....d, idiot, loser, f..k off and many other colorful expressions.. people are just so so creative, haha). No physical abuse, but few instances where we've had to restrain uncooperative clients.

When you travel to e.g. the UK, you can see welcoming signs of "Abuse is not tolerated" etc at the airport, train, bus. So when you try very hard not to speak in disrespectful way to a bus driver or customs official, then why isn't there same policy for nasty relatives and family members in hospitals..? Perhaps there is one, but only in certain countries. Definitely not in ours.
But I am fed up being treated like a maid and slave and will continue to stand up for myself.

There are not enough of loving kind words in this world.

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