March 21, 2009


What are you afraid of?
Insects, rabies, dis-ease, darkness, aliens, Komodo dragons, spiders, horror movies, lizards, snakes, death, flying, albino frogs, losing your mind, losing your temper (hah ;-) simply scared of being scared?
I am afraid and scared of many things.

When I was much younger, probably 9 or 10 years old, I went for a walk in the forest with my mother and father and little brother. We followed a path, but suddenly I saw something that did not quite belong there: snake, not moving, kind of coil shape, it did not move, but I did, I screamed and was very determined not to walk in the forest anymore. So I think we left.. Good bye forest. This is the one and only snake I have ever seen in nature and it was probably just enjoying the sun and belonged there truly more than I did.

At the Jurong reptile park my friend and I saw green iguanas (kind of giant green gecko lizards) and crocodiles. I didn't see the iguanas until it was too late. I decided to take a break and sit in a beautiful green park while my friend was taking a closer look at various reptiles. All of a sudden there was movement in the tree above my head- I turned to have a look at this unknown threat- and there it was: green scary looking iguana. Again I had to shout for help and my friend appeared, wondering why I was AGAIN in danger. I closed my eyes and she practically had to lead me out of the park enclosure by hand, I could not open my eyes. Scary stuff.

I have learned to ignore tiny spiders and ants, but lizards and snakes and other reptiles really scare me. Huh.

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