May 26, 2009

Bad drivers and diarrhea

They are everywhere; bad drivers, who are self-centered and full of themselves, and ignorant of all of traffic rules. It's probably not possible to find a perfect driver in this world, but some are very very good. I guess it depends on where in the world these people learned to drive.. but some of them shouldn't drive even a bike or a child's tricycle.
What happened to the good manners on the road?
Let pedestrians cross the road in peace, if you plan on turning left, indicate "LEFT" early enough, not when you are already turned left and out of sight. If you were still in sight, you'd see me mouthing bad words and showing an international finger symbol. Where on earth did you get you drivers licence...?! By driving "straight" line for 20 yards? By bribing an officer? Either way, learn to drive. If you plan on turning the volume of car radio up to the roof, go do it someplace else, I don't share your music interests. Shout "hello" from the car and speed away, you can be sure I won't even be looking at your direction, besides driving your dad's Maxima does not impress me. Or that Mercedes that you've borrowed from your uncle.
Two teenagers in a car in Riyadh in 2002; they were following me and my friend K everywhere on that particular "shopping road". We popped into a shop, they were waiting outside. We crossed the road, they were soon after us again. The same went on for half an hour, finally I got my cellphone out of the bag and pretended to call someone. Police, my husbad, spacemen, who cares but that did the trick and the two cowards were soon on their way. Haha. I doubt they were even teenagers, they could have been below 12 years of age, joyriding on their daddy's car. Mind you, it wasn't an expensive Mercedes.

Ther have been times when I have been driving little too fast, but I have never received a ticket. I don't intend to.
Whatever the reason. Even when I have diarrhea, which nowadays happens multitude of times daily, I still don't speed. Instead, I have few spare diapers in the car. At least I can save myself from completely surrendering to diarrhea. Details of diarrhea don't need to be told here, all I can say is that I am going for colonoscopy soon. This could be related to the removal of gallbladder- but apparently not related to the old thyroid carcinoma, so that's a relief, some degree of relief anyway. In hot and humid weather it becomes a number one priority to drink and replace lost fluids..

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