May 27, 2009

Good bye ice cream

That's it. Good bye, adios, arrivederci, ma'assalama, adieu, auf wiedersehen. No more ice cream- and this is just after realization that I had indeed found an ice cream that I love. I loe its taste, texture, color.. everything. And now I can no longer have. Dairy products are probably playing a major part in my diarrhea and it starts with ice cream. No more Baskin Robbins, Ben&Jerry..
During my days off I have been experimenting with various "foods" and trying to find out where am I going wrong. Yesterday was one of those days when I barely made it to the restroom, and since then.. hmm.. not all details need to be shared, but let's just say I was practically living in the restroom for the remaining hours of the day. Yuck.
I've always loved all kinds of dairy products, but this may be the end of the road- instead look for lactose-free products, if they'd be somehow suitable.

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