April 04, 2010

Fun fun vacation fun

My latest post gave no credit to BA, and I swore I'd never ever fly with them. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever way we'd like to think about it, my flight was a codeshare flight between BA and few other OneWorld airlines. So I had no choice, hop on aboard and fly. I arrived, my luggage arrived and I was happy. Yeah, I alomost forgot, it's strictly business, just one piece of luggage allowed to be checked-in, if you insist on checking in another one it will cost £35 per bag. Still, it is good bye BA, I'd look for other alternatives, even traveling on a boat would be a better option.. Besides, the alternative airline this time was cheaper! A lot cheaper.
Security was a hard chore, removed my boots and jacket and was I just imagining it, but the chap at the security checkpoint appeared disappointed when it turned out I was not carrying metal objects or weapons of any kind. Well, I am not clever enough to even think of inventing a shoe bomb or anything like that. So they had to let me and my bags go in peace.
Vacations are awesome, it takes few days to forget all about work etc but the brain finally gets the message and the vacation has begun!
It feels perfectly safe being in another environment, in different parts of the world and my vacation this time will take me in four countries, kind of a race against time.
All that's not part of this environment, stays away; insomnia, cancer, failed relationships, diet Pepsi, hoofbeats, scorching burning heat and the sun and many more. I've refrained from checking work e-mails.

Months ago me and hubby were watching Mrs Doubtfire, and so totally immersed in the movie that the rest of the world seemed so far away. Not just because me and Mrs D have few things in common, but because it was such fun and great entertainment. I feel a bit like living in Mrs Doubtfire world right now, rest of the world nowhere to be found, safe in a cocoon, nothing bad can happen.

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