April 26, 2010

Sugar rush

Something weird happened today, something that has happened before, but it was just so much stronger today. Few years back in yoga teacher training we had healthy nutritious food all week, I felt fine with that, even though I could not grab my usual daily snacks and stuff that I used to eat without thinking. Somehow not even realizing I had opened refrigerator door and taking something out of there..
During this yogic week I realized it is very much possible to live with less food as long as it is nutritious. Plenty of water and tea. No caffeine, no sugar.
At the end of the week we had wedding celebration and wedding cake at the end. Tasty, very delicious and old habits die hard so I took one piece and second helping too when it was offered. Sugar went right into my head! I felt like I was drunk.

Earlier today I had a very similar experience after eating ice cream. Not a big portion, but almost immediately I felt lightheaded and nauseated. Ice cream no longer causes diarrhea, but acts in a very different new way. I don't know if I prefer this to diarrhea, but no one's asking me my opinion- just reminds me I'm not invincible. Can't choose, can't change the fact that sugar and me don't match. As we get older, diabetes or other stuff may not come as surprise. Poison singer Bret Michaels had brain hemorrhage, and he also has diabetes! He's also relatively young.

Sugar overload. Is this beginning of diabetes?

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