April 26, 2010

Let's fly again

- Next seat passenger had too many bags. Member of cabin crew asked him to store them under the seat. The bag was just too bulky to fit in anywhere! So he stored them on the window seat, then sat his even more bulky frame next to me. 3.5 hour flight was a struggle for survival of the fittest, i.e. who gains the armrest. At the end none of us did, but I got a taste of his elbow every time he adjusted seat belt, his position etc. A weird but wonderful fact of him was that he never really spoke, not a word. Quiet flight ahead I thought, until he requested a glass of water brought to him: "Sister, water!". Oh ok, he can talk then. He could talk ok, but he really could not figure out how to use the seat belt, so that gave me plenty of entertainment.
- At the end of the flight each and every passenger stood up, even before seat belt sign was switched off. ALL of them in a narrow corridor. I attempted to protect myself by holding onto laptop bag and managed then to avoid most of the elbows. Was I glad to get out of the aircraft.. Yes!! But at the same time have to be grateful I even got to fly- volcanic cloud kept most European airports closed for quite a while.

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